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Top Vacations

Enjoy your vacation with the personal service and security of AAA behind you. We’ve protected individuals and families on the road since 1905 and continue to provide you with exclusive services to make your trip safe, fun, affordable and enjoyable. Road trips are a favorite American pastime, bringing families and friends all across the nation together towards new horizons and adventures.

Take advantage of a variety of drivable tours to exciting, relaxing and historic locales. Washington DC, Ocean City, Williamsburg, VA Beach and many other popular vacation hotspots offer luxurious amenities, fascinating history and paradise shores, all within driving distance. For a long trip or a short drive, AAA gives you the security and peace of mind to visit any spot on the map.

Wherever you choose to go, we’re proud to give all our members the reliable service, exclusive offers and travel discounts to make an affordable and unforgettable vacation. Start planning your road trip today with AAA Findlay's drivable tour guides.